3 Years

You know what I’ve been up to lately. I promised my baby I would write something about us about this very special 3 years anniversary of our relationship. Her response was short, yet very accurate. “The post about our 2 years anniversary is only 3 posts away”. That reminds me of how seldom I post in this site. Well, actually I post regularly, but not in this section of site. As you can see, my website is divided into two sections: Pomade reviews, which is my hobby and passion; and this blog you’re reading. Since this website is getting more popular, I’ve been thinking to move this blog into another URL. I’m getting uneasy about people knowing my personal life anyway (I shouldn’t be writing a blog if I don’t want to be known anyway, DOH!).

So anyway, we had our relationship going on for 3 years. Things haven’t been very easy this year, considering that this year I have been very busy with work, both as an employee and business owner. Things are going uphill but my free time and my time with you are going downhill. It is not easy to be in a long distance relationship, especially when you are very busy and barely have time to communicate. But we pull it through another year. Without your continuous support, your patience, your decision to stay, and all of your love, we couldn’t make it through.

So, thank you for your support, your patience, your love, and your decision to stay. Not everyone can do that. I’ve heard many stories of relationship that ends badly but I am grateful that we aren’t experiencing one. I hope next year would be a fruitful year for us, especially that I’m planning something different for the path I’m taking. I hope it will make things better for the both of us.

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