2 Years

Another day another milestone. In a relationship longer than before, love someone special more than before, being more happy than before, and many much more good things.

Don’t get me wrong. We both know the ship isn’t sailing smoothly all these times. We’ve been sailing on clear quiet waters and stormy wavy waters. No matter how huge the wave is, we are able to sail through it and be back stronger than after.

I know, we are sailing in rough waters now. You are alone in a foreign country, stressed with loads of assignments while I’ve been so busy and can’t give you much attention you need. Work and business has been taking my attention, time, and energy away.

But that’s life…

You manage to fight it, conquer it, and be back stronger.

I hope we can be that way.

Of course I don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life. Something’s got to change. Together, we can change things so we can have a better life together. But change is not going to be easy. It also not necessarily be fast. It is something that takes dedication, hard work, smart planning, patience, and sometimes tears.

Do you dare to make the move with me? I do. Do you?

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