23 Months

I’ve been very busy I don’t have time to update my personal blog as much as I used to do. But when I do, I post:


That’s right, in exactly a month, we’ll will pass 2 years mark and we’re going for 3 years mark.

No, seriously, it's even more.

No, seriously, it’s even more.

This post is specially written for you. I know you’ve been bored to see pomades, pomades, pomades, and more pomades in my blog. That’s why I separated pomade posts and personal post, for you :) So you can keep on stalking me without having to look at my hair! (Just kidding babes, I love you :p )

Please come home soon. I miss you very much and I’ve been busy all months long. I owe you all the loving you deserve.

I love you so much. Please love me and be with me for years-years-years-years-years ahead.

Lots of love,
Your annoying monkey <3

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  • @mstoar says:

    happy anniversary too. 1 more month to mark 2nd year and more months, even year to go.
    I am never tired to touch your hair and messed up with it even though my hands will end oily and nasty, but reading your blog all about it makes me want to vomit sometimes ^^

    love you,

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